Royton Memories

ROYTON boys at Butlins Filey Camp June/July 1955

Boys only: Standing Left to Right: Roy Shuttleworth-Raymond Pickard-Colin Wood

Sitting Left to Right: Colin Wright-Norman Radcliffe-Keith Turner-Bernard Greenwood


Another photo taken at Butlins Holiday Camp Pwllheli in August 1954

Left to Right: Roy Kenworthy-Bobby Schofield-Roy Duxbury-Jimmy OConnor-Gordon Masters-John Taylor


.....and another BUTLINS photo 1954 Courtesy Gordon Masters

L to R Jimmy Oconnor, Roy Duxbury, Bernard Taylor and Gordon Masters

A photo taken at Butlins Pwllheli Holiday Camp in August 1954

Names of boys only from the left standing at the back: Gordon Masters, Bernard Taylor, Jimmy OConnor.

Seated from the left: Keith Turner, Roy Duxbury, Ray Pickard, Roy Kenworthy, Alan Rothwell, Colin Wood,

Norman Radcliffe, David Hardy.

at the front left in light colour coat with cap John Taylor.


A photo from the forties (bottom of Spring Garden St.) 1947

Back Row L to R. Brian Goddard-George Jinks-Colin Wood

Front Row L to R. John Jinks-Trevor Wood-George Chapman-Frank Chapman


Byron St School Royton 1947


Royton Byron St Juniors Class 2 in 1948and49 Courtesy of Pat Lees

                            Names but not in any order and just names remembered not all.

Girls: Pat Thompson, Phyllis Needham, Laura Butterworth, Barbara Kershaw, Barbara Whitmore, Sandra Kershaw,

Anita Stafford, June Travis, Barbara Cartwright, Sandra Hammond, Valerie Beattie.

Boys: Alan Guest, Graham Blackhurst, Brian Croxon, Dougie Turner, Gordon Smith,    ?  Godfrey, David Beattie.


Royton Byron St School believed to be mid 1950s

Anyone pinpoint the date of this ?


Royton County Secondary Modern School Class 2A 1950


Royton County Secondary Modern School Class 4 1952


Royton St Paul 1946 Courtesy of Brian Thomas


Royton St Paul in 1940s to 1950s. I would appreciate any information on this Photo



Royton St Aidan 1946 Courtesy John Cleary

St Aidan Royton Junior 4 in 1946

Peter Brady, Edward Barnes, John Cleary, Geoff OBrien, Edward Taylor, Leo Green, Terry Bradbury

Celia Quinn, Annie Murphy, Margaret McCormick, Sheila Swift, Jean Holmes, Rita Gordon, Winnie Stanton, Margaret Higgins.

Dick Mellor, Joe Barnes, Terry Langan, Terry Dronsfield, Dennis Schofield, John Nyland, Derek Entwistle, Kevin Moran

Helen Stanley, Agnes Wade, Joan Corrigan




Blackshaw Lane Rugby League Team 1923-4. Courtesy of Brian Thomas

H Cooper    W Thomas    E Forshaw    J Hyland    T Roberts    T Forshaw

F Lodge      H Booth      W Butterworth     T Carr     J Smith     J Bradbury     T Fox                                                                                                          

This is the best we can make of the names shown on the photo



The following photos courtesy of Trevor Wood

Isle of Man 1960/61

David Beattie - Norman Booth - ? Lived Lowe Green ? - Trevor Wood - John Jinks - Frank Gordon.


Friendship Hotel Oldham about 1960

Peter Cushingham - Brian Wood - Tony Taylor - Trevor Wood - David Hopkinson


Butlins Pwllheli 1956

Back - Trevor Wood-Brian Wood-Brian Bellingham-Arnold Fletcher-Ivan Meynell

Far Left - Derek Heaton (Biting a leg)

Centre - George Chapman - Front Tony Taylor


Margate 1962

Norman Booth - Trevor Wood - Jack Stevens


Blackpool 1954

Trevor Wood - Denis Lord at rear - Jeff Barnes

Royton Byron St School Cricket Team 1950

Cricket Team Names - Back Row Teachers (?)  (Mr Gornell) (Mr Wright)

Back row Boys - Alan Cleaver Norman Booth Brian Charles unknown unknown unknown

Middle row - Jim Whitehead Trevor Wood Tony Taylor

Front row - Ray Buckley David Hopkinson unknown unknown

Photo of Les Turner and Trevor Wood late 1950s


Royton Morris Dancers  Jubilee Gardens - Courtesy of Ron Allen - 1950s ?

Another Photo of the Morris Dancers

Spring Garden St Ginnel  - Harry Green and Ron Allen

Another photo taken in Spring Garden St Ginnel

Includes Harry Green Jim Duxbury and Ron Allen

And a third Ginnel Photo includes the same three boys

Les Turner my cousin born Royton January 31st 1936 died Blackpool April 26th 2013

Photo of Les Turner and Kenny Howarth 1950s

Photo of Royton Coop employees 1960ish

Photo of where my ancestors lived in 1841

Keith Turner (Then of Lowe Green)singing at Trevor Wood`s Wedding 1963

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